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What are the advantages of quantitative feeding equipment?

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In the first year of China's 14th Five-Year Plan, the supply-side reform with "scientific and technological innovation" as the core was deeply advanced and had a far-reaching impact. Under the new situation, scientific and technological innovation capability has become the core competitiveness of modern enterprises. As one of the earliest enterprises in the research and development of weighing equipment and instruments, Scale Industrial Science and Technology knows that only technological upgrading based on market demand is the innovation that users really need and expect. In this regard, Scale Industrial Science and Technology has always been ahead of the industry.


Relying on the leading dynamic weighing technology and rich experience in the quantitative batching industry, the weighing industry technology has successively developed a series of products, such as high-precision maintenance-free belt quantitative feeder, high-precision micro-flow feeder, high-precision weight-loss feeder, high-precision maintenance-free pressure-resistant coal feeder, fully-enclosed quantitative feeder, double-tube spiral weighing feeder, chain plate weighing feeder, to meet the requirements of material transportation in various production processes Automatic control of proportioning and metering covers building materials, cement, metallurgy, chemical industry, steel, feed, fertilizer, environmental protection, food and other industries.

"Taking the high-precision maintenance-free belt quantitative feeder as an example, our team adopts the three-channel structure of three groups of scale frames, which can conduct real-time comparison between multiple groups of scale frames and carry out out-of-tolerance self-inspection. This makes up for the shortage of short weighing area and low weighing accuracy of the ordinary belt quantitative feeder, weakens the influence of belt tension, conveyor structure, impact force of blanking and other factors on the weighing accuracy, and improves the weighing accuracy by at least one time." The person in charge of weighing research and development said that in addition to the innovation in the weighing structure, we have configured the automatic code hanging verification system on this product to complete the automatic verification without manual intervention. The long-term maintenance-free period can reach 6 months, and the long-term dynamic use accuracy is ≤ 0.2%.

Speaking of the difference between weighing instrument products and other products, the research and development leader said, "We are never subject to ordinary feeder products, nor are we satisfied with our own experience and technology. Striving to combine new product design thinking with independent research and development technology has always been an important goal of the weighing instrument research and development team." The relevant leader said. The leading technology and rich industry experience are the foundation of the scale industry technology to provide customers with high-quality weighing products. It is worth mentioning that the quantitative feeder series products developed by the weighing machine team have been strictly tested in all links, and the technology has been upgraded according to the industry needs, and the cutting-edge product technology has been put into research and development.