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Contact:Mr. Jack Zhou
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CB Omni CrossBelt Online Elemental Analyzer
Goods Description:Ensuring consistent raw material quality is key to increased productivity and reduced manufacturing costs in any mining and material processing industry. The Thermo Scientific CB Omni mounts directly on an existing conveyor belt and provides a minute-by-minute elemental analysis of an entire raw material stream for quality control purposes
The Thermo Scientific CB Omni is a Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis (PGNAA) system designed to integrate into either a new or an existing conveyor belt line and analyze, in real time, the composition of raw materials being transported by conveyor belt. The system analyzes the entire material stream and is not subject to errors and costs associated with material sampling. The CB Omni uniquely combines the best technology from two industry-leading PGNAA instrument suppliers. When Thermo Fisher Scientific (known then as Thermo Electron Corporation) acquired the former ASYS organization in September 2006, the best and most innovative technology from both groups was identified and implemented into the CB Omni. The result is a unique system that provides unparalleled ease of installation, performance and reliability for raw material analysis and control.
The CB Omni takes modular design to the next level making it one of the easiest cross-belt analyzers to install. The newly designed modules can be individually transported and moved without the use of equipment. In addition, the overall system when fully assembled is smaller than previous versions, enabling installation into locations with limited clearance, and can be installed onto the existing conveyor without cutting and removing the supporting conveyor line.
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