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Contact:Mr. Jack Zhou
Add:Qing Gong Lu Yin Zhuang Industrial Park Chinese Gulou District of Xuzhou city in Jiangsu Province

2010 Yiwu coatings, printing ink exposition

Date of Issue 2015-11-19

This exhibition will become China's chemical industry the deepening domestic market to develop international market best opportunity. 

  This chance again for China to enhance the chemical and coatings, printing ink product exports, relying on the world, "said the yiwu supermarket of geographical advantage and international profile, allowing more chemical enterprise with international norms. At the same time in the hardware, electronic appliances, plastic, cosmetic, decorations, textile, stationery, printing, building materials industries, yiwu is long triangle chemical products and coatings, printing ink production, the best supplier promotion and propaganda target market.

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