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Belt weighing feeder

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The weighing feeder is specially used for the feeding of various bulk materials. During the feeding process, it can dynamically weigh, accumulate and control the flow of its materials. It is widely used for the weighing and feeding of various bulk materials in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, food and other industries.

The weighing feeder is divided into three different types: light load, medium load and heavy load. The weighing flow is from 50 kg per hour to 1200 tons per hour, the belt width is from 300 mm to 2000 mm, and the length is from 1 meter to tens of meters. The structural forms are divided into open, semi-closed and fully closed structures, which are suitable for different sites and meet various user needs.

The weighing feeder adopts the dynamic weighing technology, and the digital controller specially designed for the weighing feeder is used together to make the feeder weigh accurately and control stably and reliably.

The feeder, together with electrical control and computer, can form a batching control system. The system has the functions of data acquisition, control, alarm, graphics and data display. According to the set requirements, complete the material proportion control and various data management in the production process.

JGC heavy-duty weighing belt feeder is specially designed for industrial occasions with a large flow range of no more than 1200 tons per hour and a belt load of no more than 600 kg per meter.

This equipment is suitable for belt width from 1200mm to 2000mm and conveyor length of 2m or more. In order to accurately measure bulk materials, the weighing bridge of this series of feeders is supported by double sensors.

Main characteristics

● Accuracy is ± 0.5%, based on approved application;

● Belt width 14001600 18002000 mm;

● Flow range: 400~1200 tons/hour;

● Annular skirt rubber conveyor belt, other types can be selected according to the application;

● The weighing bridge is directly supported by two sensors;

● The speed sensor is digital and the tail drum is directly connected.


● The shell can be open, partially closed or totally closed;

● Head shield, tail blanking opening and fully closed shell;

● Inner sweeping chain conveyor;

● The driving motor is of coupling type, chain drive type and axle mounted type;

● Material/no material switch, anti-deviation switch, emergency stop rope switch, chute blocking switch;

● Pleasecontact the factory for special requirements.