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Heavy-load weighing belt feeder

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Detailed introduction:

The weighing feeder is specially used for the feeding of various bulk materials. During the feeding process, it can dynamically weigh, accumulate and control the flow of its materials. It is widely used for the weighing and feeding of various bulk materials in metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power and other industries.

The weighing feeder is divided into three types: light load, medium load and heavy load. The weighing flow is from 50kg per hour to 1200 tons per hour, the belt width is from 300mm to 2000mm, and the length is from 1m to tens of meters. The structural types are divided into open, semi-closed and fully closed structures, which are suitable for different sites and meet various user needs.

The Toshiba weighing feeder adopts advanced dynamic weighing technology, combined with the digital controller specially designed by Toshiba for the weighing feeder, to make the weighing feeder weigh more accurately and control more stable and reliable.

Weighing feeder

The weighing feeder, together with electrical control and computer, can form the Toshiba batching control system. The system has the functions of data acquisition, control, alarm, graphics and data display. According to the setting requirements, it can complete the control of material proportion and the management of various data in the production process.

Dongshuo light load weighing feeder is specially designed to meet the industrial demand of low flow and light belt load. The designed low flow is from 50kg/h to 10000kg/h, and the belt load is from 2kg/m to 20kg/m. The light load feeder with innovative design and unique functions is developed to meet the high standards and requirements of today's food, chemical and industrial processes.

The medium load feeder is ideal for applications where the flow range is 1 ton to 450 tons per hour and the belt load is 15 kg to 260 kg per meter. In order to obtain accurate weighing of process materials, the weighing scale frame of the system is directly supported by two sensors.

The heavy-load weighing feeder is specially designed for industrial occasions with a large flow range of no more than 1200 tons per hour and a belt load of no more than 600 kg/m.

Main features:

Accuracy: ± 0.25% - ± 1%

Belt width: 500/650/800/1000/1200 (or wider)

Flow range: 1-1200t/h optional

The weighing bridge is directly supported by the sensor

The speed sensor is digital


The shell can be open, partially closed or totally closed

Head shield, tail blanking opening, fully closed shell

Inner sweeping chain conveyor

The driving motor is of coupling type, chain drive type and shaft mounted type