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Ramsey C-Level Continuous Level Indicator
Ramsey C-Level Continuou...
Goods Description:The Ramsey C-Level Continuous Level Indicator's simple operation and ease of calibration have made it a favorite with users in a variety of industries ranging from food processing to asphalt plants. Its microprocessor-based control uses input from up to 8 sensors to calculate and display the material level on an easy-to-read LED bar graph.

Ramsey Mercury-Free Tilt Sensor
Ramsey Mercury-Free Tilt...
Goods Description:Now available in a mercury-free version, this sensor provides you with the stability, sensitivity and performance you have come to expect from the traditional Thermo Scientific Ramsey Tilt Switches. Designed to meet government regulations, the mercury-free tilt sensor helps you improve your efficiency while protecting your profits.

Static Weighing With Ramsey Micro-Tech 3000 Series
Static Weighing With Ram...
Goods Description:The Ramsey Micro-Tech 3000 Series of electronic instruments signifies a new approach to scale instrumentation, giving you more flexibility and vastly increased upgrade capabilities. Each model is designed for your specific weighing application, and because all models utilize a common platform, you only need to become familiar with one basic interface.

Impact Weighers
Impact Weighers
Goods Description:Ramsey DE10 and DE20 Impact Weighers The Ramsey DE10 and DE20 Impact Weighers are unique devices designed to measure the mass flow rate and total mass of free-flowing particulate materials. They provide a low cost, yet highly accurate, method of measuring the mass flow of dry solids and powders for inventory process control and can help you save thousands of dollars by reducing waste and improving product quality.
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Mid-Range Weighbelt Feeder
Mid-Range Weighbelt Feed...
Goods Description:Ramsey Model 90.125A Mid-Range Weighbelt Feeder The Ramsey Model 90.125A Mid-Range Weighbelt Feeder offers accurate weighfeeding of industrial materials at moderate feed rates. Its unique cantilevered and formed channel frame design provides a strong and sturdy weigh structure and allows for quick and easy maintenance. These features, along with your choice of several options, work together to augment the performance of your process and improve your bottom line.

Ramsey* Series 17 Belt Scale System
Ramsey* Series 17 Belt S...
Goods Description:Thermo Scientific* Ramsey Series 17 belt scale system is specifically designed for plant and process operations that run at high rates of speed or require the better-than-normal accuracy of ±0.25%. The Thermo Scientific Ramsey Series 17 Belt Scale System monitors production output and inventory, regulates product loadout while providing vital information for effective management and efficient operation.

Ramsey* IDEA Belt Scale System
Ramsey* IDEA Belt Scale ...
Goods Description:The Thermo Scientific* Ramsey IDEA belt scale system provides basic rate information and totalization functions in processes involving non-critical or lower value materials with an accuracy of ±1%. The Thermo Scientific Ramsey IDEA belt scale system consists of three major elements: the weighing assembly measures the weight of material on the belt, the belt speed sensor and electronic integrator integrates the output signals from the scale module and speed sensor to arrive at a rate of material flow and the total material passed over the scale.

Ramsey Conveyor Protection Switches
Ramsey Conveyor Protecti...
Goods Description:Protect your equipment, prevent accidents and reduce unscheduled shutdowns with Thermo Scientific Ramsey conveyor protection switches. Our switches are used for position information, for control signals, and to identify potentially hazardous situations with your process equipment. They utilize a rugged, heavy-duty design and are built to last.

Ramsey* Series 20 Belt Scale System
Ramsey* Series 20 Belt S...
Goods Description:The Thermo Scientific* Ramsey Series 20 Belt Scale System monitors feed to crushers, mills, screens and other processes with an accuracy of ±0.5%, even in the harshest applications.The Thermo Scientific Ramsey Series 20 Belt Scale System is easy to install, indoors or out, on fixed or portable conveyors. Its rugged construction allows for installation in the harshest applications at a variety of locations.


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